My Studio

Mix Position 2017

I mostly work from my own studio, right next to my home in the Klein Karoo town of Ladismith, South Africa (about 300km from Cape Town). I chose this place as it is quiet, amazingly beautiful and equally important: away from the distractions and stresses of city life so that we can focus on making music. I struggle to make records in an environment that doesn’t inspire me so I don’t expect anyone else to have to do so.

A lot of care has gone into putting together a facility that sounds great and is outfitted with high-end equipment to produce world-class results. There is enough room to track entire bands live, which I love to do.

I also have accommodation (with a swimming pool, garden and braai/BBQ area) available at the studio.

* PLEASE NOTE: Even though I prefer working in my own studio, I am open to tracking at other locations that might be better suited to the project. A large part of my setup is very mobile for this very reason. Discuss this possibility with me if you feel that it will benefit your project.

1970’s Yamaha PM1000 “JapaNeve”
(Discrete Class A, inductor-based EQ’s, lovingly restored and modified/upgraded with some modern features)

Custom-built Intel PC’s
Steinberg Cubase 10.5
Focusrite Converter
ECHO Converters
Massive collection of high-end plugins, virtual instruments and samples

Bowers & Wilkins 685
Yamaha HS55
Samson Resolv 65A
Mission Pro passive monitors
Rotel RA-820BX power amp
Generic multimedia speakers (“real world check“)
Behringer headphone amps
Sennheiser headphones
Vic Firth headphones

1 AKG C12*
2 Neumann U87i*
2 Shure KSM32
1 Oktavamod MK319
2 SAHE Audio Little Blondie
2 Karma K10
1 T.bone RM700 (Fathead)
1 Heil PR30
1 Shure SM7
3 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM58
4 Telefunken M80
1 Custom Built Subkick
Many, many more “pawnshop” mics

2 Neve 1073 mic preamp/EQ’s*
2 FMR Audio RNP8380 stereo mic preamps
1 UREI 1176 Rev D compressor*
2 FMR Audio PBC-6A compressors
1 FMR Audio RNC1773 stereo compressor
1 TK Audio BC1mkII stereo compressor (SSL-style buss compressor with extra features)
Gemini turntable
The Incredible A.W.E.S.O.M.E-O 4000 😉

1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop
Custom Built Les Paul (Plain top)
Custom Built Les Paul (Flame top – “Amber”)
Custom Built Flying V
Fender ’62 Reissue Stratocaster
Custom Built Stratocaster
Gordon-Smith Gypsy II SS
Vintage National lap steel
Fender FR-55 metal-body resonator
Vintage Epiphone dreadnought (Spruce/Mahogany)
Cort MR740FX cutaway dreadnought (Spruce/Rosewood)
Restored 70’s Ibanez Concord 12-string acoustic
Custom-built Archtop acoustic
Custom Built Jazz-style bass
Hohner Rockwood LX100G (For weird tunings)
Vintage Teisco Del Rey Vegas 40 thinline/archtop
Carver mandolin
’70’s MIJ Aria Banjo

Kemper Profiler
1971 Marshall JMP Super Bass head
Zinky Electronics Smokey Amp
2 Custom Built 2X12″ cabs loaded with various Celestions

Monte Allums Sustainia Tri-Gain MT-2 Distortion
70’s EHX Big Muff Pi*
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss CS-3 Compressor
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus
Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah
Ross spring reverb
Korg Multi-FX processor

Ludwig Birch Kit:
22″ X 20″ Kick Drum
12″X11″ Tom
13″X12″ Tom
16″X16″ Floor Tom

Vintage 60’s Morris Mahogany kit:
22″X18″ Kick Drum
12″X9″ Tom
13″X10″ Tom
16″X16″ Floor Tom

6.5″X14″ Ludwig Birch Snare
6.5″X14″ Ludwig Black Magic Brass Snare
4″X14″ Vintage Olympic Maple Piccolo Snare

LP Softshaker
LP Coarse Shaker
LP Tamborine
Toca Bongo Drums
2 Hand-built Djembes
Aluminium Doumbek
Wrench Bell Tree
Rain Stick

Technics 61-note MIDI-controller keyboard
Vintage Farfisa MOD 5020 organ with rotary speaker
Hohner Accordion

PLEASE NOTE: I have access to a Yamaha grand piano for a nominal fee, should your project require it. Let me know well in advance.

*(High-end hand-built boutique clones)

Studio - Jo Chris